Telecommunication Services

Today the environment for telecom operators is becoming more complex through alliances, mergers, and the emergence of a wholesale market. In order to stay competitive, operators must develop new, customer-oriented strategies for growth, focusing on subscriber loyalty, customer base growth, and increasing network usage – always sustaining significant cost reductions.

By way of its extensive experience and market knowledge, ABT supports organisation definition, corporate processes, technical choices and marketing actions – all in order to help its customer reach objectives and enhance efficiency successfully.

ABT personnel’s achievements and experiences include but not limited to:

  • BSS and NSS Installation and Commissioning- GSM 1800 & 900 Networks
  • System Design, Implementation, and Optimization for all major equipment vendors
  • GSM Network Design and Engineering Management
  • License Tender Preparation – Technical Consultancy
  • Indoor Coverage Design and Implementation
  • RF Site Survey , LOS Survey and Field Measurements
  • RF Propagation Model Design & Tuning
  • Site Engineering and Civil Works for all major vendors
  • Network Management Design and Integration of NMS tools for Operator
  • Installation and Commissioning of DX200 Switches
In addition to the above accomplishments, our technical staff has been involved in the following major wireless developments:

  • GSM rollout for Ericsson, Siemens and in Indonesia
  • First GSM Network in Taiwan
  • Expansion of Live GSM Networks in China
  • RF Measurements and Optimization in Thailand
  • In-building in Malaysia, Thailand
  • Implementation of GSM Networks in Malaysia
  • Implementation of GSM Networks in Thailand
  • Broad Band Projects
  • Fibre Optics Network Design

Technology Evaluation
Operators together with equipment suppliers are making major investments worldwide to offer key differentials to their customers, consequently opening new fields of revenue opportunities.

ABT understands this climate and recognises the need for flexibility, adaptability, and timeliness when implementing new services. Our consultants have been heavily involved in the definition of added value services and are ready to support the operators in defining global solutions.  

ABT’s technology experts can help its clients understand, analyze and evaluate any aspects of next generation wireless technologies:

  • Test Criteria
  • Multiple Access Technologies (CDMA, TDMA, ESMR, AMPS & GSM)
  • System & Network Requirements
  • Capacity Studies
  • Infrastructure & Cost Studies
  • Link Budget Evaluation
  • Network Architecture
  • Value Added Services

Skilled Managers in wireless projects are available to provide their expertise:

  • Network Planning and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Microwave Clearing, Incumbent Negotiations and Service Relocation
  • Site Acquisition Management
  • RF & Optimisation Managers
  • Network Design Managers
  • Implementation Managers
  • O&M Network Management