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Digital Barriers are world leaders in visually intelligent solutions for the global surveillance, security and safety markets, specialising in zero-latency streaming and analysis of secure video and related intelligence over wireless networks, including cellular, satellite, IP mesh and cloud.

Since Digital Barriers was established in 2009, the global security context has significantly evolved, particularly in response to the increasingly material threat to national and homeland security from international and domestic terrorism, organised attacks on high-profile computer systems and networks by both state and non-state actors, and asymmetric warfare including counter-insurgency operations overseas. These increasing threats cross borders and jurisdictions, exploiting vulnerabilities in physical and electronic security systems, and impact the public and private sectors.

Our solutions for covert, remote and wide-area installations, as well as vehicle and body-worn applications, require significantly less network bandwidth than standard technologies and have been sold into more than fifty countries, including some of the world’s most hostile and demanding operational environments. We also provide advanced video content analysis and body scanning to identify threats to life, safety concerns and illicit activity in real-time. We work with those government security, law enforcement and defence agencies around the world responsible for addressing these evolving threats, as well as with multinational corporations and system integrators. Our solutions have been developed for specialist areas of security and defence, as well as for the protection of high-profile locations such as borders, airports, military bases, public transportation systems and natural resources.

Between 2010 and 2013, we acquired fourteen businesses with compelling intellectual property (IP) and capabilities. We  fully integrated these businesses into a single platform for the continual innovation of proprietary IP-rich solutions and a sales organisation covering key regions around the world. Given the specialist nature of the hardware and software products acquired, we also invested in updating our technologies to suit the broader global market. We launched a new suite of class-leading hardware and software products in 2013 and 2014, designed to leverage core IP with the level of industrialisation and quality demanded by the our target flagship customers. We also ensured that our genuinely class-leading IP, for example our wireless video streaming technology TVI, which uses up to 60% less network bandwidth than standard technologies, was continually improved to ensure its leading-edge was maintained and its core IP fully protected.

Since late 2014, with our hardware and software products now fully updated, we have introduced a set of integrated solutions designed to deliver an end-user capability rather than standalone hardware and software applications. This evolution from products to solutions has significantly eased the deployment of customer solutions and has allowed us to exercise more control over the quality of user experience for our customers. An example of this would be supplying pre-integrated vehicle video surveillance solutions to police agencies around the world, rather than providing video streaming hardware that a customer would then integrate with third party cameras, antennae, modems and other peripherals. 

Our solutions have now been proven in some of the world’s most demanding environments, enhancing safety and  security, as well as saving time and money. They include:

  • EdgeVis Live – Real time video streaming from anywhere to anywhere even over bandwidth constrained and congested networks using 60% less bandwidth than standard technologies
  • EdgeVis Shield – An integrated surveillance platform that provides real time video streaming and early warning intrusion alerts for remote locations
  • ThruVis – A unique body-screening technology capable of detecting a suicide bomber from a range of up to 15 metres or identifying a drug smuggler at a busy border crossing.
  • SmartVis – Our range of intelligent edge-based advanced video analytic solutions and automation tools such as intrusion detection and facial recognition
  • CloudVis – Cloud-based visually intelligent video analytics for facial recognition and detecting intrusions with an unprecedented record for filtering out costly false alarms

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